Saying it out loud makes this real

14 Jun

I do not want to give the misperception that this blog will be negative or sad; however, I am just going to come out and say it: 14 days ago my fiancé left me.

It happened very quickly and I do not have many answers.  No, I did not see the warning signs.  Yes, I now spend the overwhelming majority of my day going through every second of the last 3 months.

While I most often feel as though I am watching myself in some surreal, sick twist of fate – because this can’t possibly be me or my life – there are several things I know:

  • While this is hard to accept now when my heart is breaking, it must ultimately be for the best that I did not marry and spend my life with someone that could hurt me this much.
  • The love and support of my friends will undoubtedly be what gets me through this.  These friends always bring cocktails.  They are right that I want to eventually look back at this time not only as the toughest in my life, but also as when I found the courage to take on new adventures.
  • This is the only time I will make such a direct comment to my ex-fiancé: it was not appropriate to say “I know I am probably making the biggest mistake of my life” when you left.  Further, we did not “break up”.  You left me and called off our wedding.  Please own the decision you made and understand the enormity of that decision on my life.
  • Life will go on (and I have started to actually believe this on a good day!)  That is why my blog will not be negative, depressing or vindictive.  It will be about friendship, new adventures, moving forward, challenges along the way.

So in response to the question I posed to my best friend when this first happened 14 days ago – “What does one do when their fiancé leaves them?” – here is my answer…Unwedded Bliss.

Here is to what I have to believe is a new, more-meant-to-be future!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure!


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