Get out your credit card, we’re going to Duane Reade!

17 Jun

If there is anything that I can say is “unfortunate” about my closest group of friends, it is that my recent broken engagement is only one in a long line of life-altering events that we’ve had to go through.  But every terrible thing has only ever brought us closer together.  I’ve learned that when life throws the meanest of curve balls our way, we don’t blink.  We simply and automatically fly into recovery mode.

Now recovery mode does not mean we necessarily know the right or appropriate thing to do.  Because we don’t.  Instead, we jump in head and heart first and figure it out as we go.  While I could write a month’s worth of posts on just how incredible my girls have been, I always go back to that first night they rushed to my aid.  (I even catch myself cracking a smile when I think about it sometimes!)

In the interest of getting me off the couch and enticing me to eat more than four grapes, I was dragged to a low-key sushi place by my apartment.  We sat in the corner and tried not to make too much of a scene while I cried my eyes out.  I did not want dumplings or edamame or miso soup.  But I did apparently want a glass of wine.  So in a way that only true friends can, they bribed me with the promise of that coveted glass of chilled white wine… I only had to “take one more bite” for it.  It worked.  What can I say?  I love wine.

In order to stay out of the apartment that I had shared with my fiancé just 24 hours prior a bit longer, we then made our way to Duane Reade.  Have you ever seen 4 girls with no idea how to comfort the 5th in Duane Reade?  I think they bought half the store.  I remember thinking for days afterwards “Where did this come from?” or “When did I buy Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches?”  Oh yeah, we must have picked it up at Duane Reade.

This post is a shout out to these ladies – you know who you are!  In the two and a half weeks since my world came crashing in, they have been my saving grace.  They all check in with me daily (okay, hourly some days…) and whether they’ll admit it or not, I know they have a secret rotating scheduling to make sure I never have to be by myself.  I have a tough several months ahead of me but I know they’ll be there…whether to talk, cry, share a glass of wine or make a trip to Duane Reade.

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