I agree with Pink… “this used to be a Funhouse”

14 Jul

Peace out, Upper East Side.  It’s been real.

Yah, more like real tough the last 6 weeks.  Oddly enough, when my fiancé and I moved to the Upper East Side, the joke was that the UES is where couples go to “die” (meaning settle down, live amongst other couples, get engaged, get married, start families).  In a true sense of irony, and a twist of fate that still makes my stomach turn, who would have guessed that the UES would be where my fiancé and I literally went to have our relationship die?  There was a brief moment of “settling down” followed by our engagement but obviously no marriage and definitely no children.

I am t-minus 24 hours from beginning my move out of the UES apartment that we shared for almost 3 years.  After days of help from my girlfriends, I am sitting by myself with a glass of wine (one of many tonight I’m sure!), waiting for take-out from my favorite sushi restaurant to be delivered.  I keep going back and forth on my decision to be by myself tonight.  I had at least 4 friends offer to come over but something in me wanted to be alone…however I just called my mom crying…and then 20 minutes later called my best friend, excited about how cool I think my new roommate is going to be.  This is the biggest balancing act of my life.

Because nothing in the city is ever easy, my move is taking place over the course of 3 days.  I hope no one minds but I’m going to have Pink’s “Funhouse” on repeat most of the time…sing it girl!

(Disclaimer: I have no intention of actually burning anything down!)

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