CSI: Angola

10 Aug

One episode every 14 years!

Or at least that’s what was recently discovered at a BBQ hosted by a friend’s parents.  But more on that later.  This past weekend I packed up with three of my girlfriends and headed out of the city for a long weekend in my hometown of Buf-fun-alo.  More specifically we headed to the lake, Angola-on-the-Lake – you know, “the town with ‘GO’ in it!”  There’s even a bumper sticker that touts my hometown’s catchy slogan, thank you very much.

The weekend started off with a bit of a bump following an almost 3 hour delay out of JFK but we eventually made it to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (international because you can fly to and from Canada!) where my father and a bottle of red wine awaited us.  At 1:30 am.  But at least we were home.

Saturday morning we all jumped into our bathing suits, which were one of about three things we actually packed for the weekend…the other two items being flip flops and beach cover-ups.  Makeup and fitted clothing were optional but not highly encouraged.  Clearly we were ready for a relaxing weekend!   And that’s exactly what we got; an afternoon of sun (“SPF 30?!  No way, someone pass me the 15!”), catching up with friends from home (“Should I hug it out?”), music blaring from the beach club (“This place is a one-stop shop; you literally don’t need to bring anything with you!”) and refreshing vodka teas (“For some reason I never drink these unless I’m at the lake!”).

We had a great dinner at one of our parent’s house, and while death threats may have been made regarding the corn casserole, it was a really fun evening.  We learned many important things: my dad and my best friend’s dad went to the same high school; there used to be more “OZONE!”; there apparently was a murder in Angola 14 years ago and the body was found in a freezer…or something like that (hence the witty name of this post); one of the girls can fool people, including my mother, into believing she is “level-headed”; sea breezes are a delicious drink and as one mother pointed out, we went though “an entire bottle of vodka!” (…and we’re about to hit Mickey Rats for 6 hours too!)

An evening with our parents turned into a night out that lasted well into the morning hours.  I have just one question: Who invited Jameson? Because he was there in full force.  Repeatedly.  (Secret: if we can do shots of Jameson, we can do shots of just about anything…therefore never having to say we can’t do a shot and looking like girls.  Totally logical, right?) We OWNED the bar when Empire State of Mind came on…I don’t get; we hate this song when we’re actually in New York but outside the city it might as well be the best song ever produced.  I think I left most of my money in tips…because it is a brilliant marketing tool to ring a big bell and give a shout out to anyone that leaves a $5 tip (well played bartenders).  And I try not to use too many inside jokes but this one must be said: Megans!!!

By the time a family dinner at my dad’s rolled around Sunday night (followed by another afternoon at the beach) there was only one thing left to say: hair of the dog!  (In case you’re not familiar with the term, according to Wikipedia it’s “alcohol that is consumed with the aim of lessening the effects of a hangover”….yah, you know exactly what it means!)  So we popped a bottle of champagne.

The weekend ended in the best possible way – a day off from work on Monday to road trip it back to the city with the girls and hundreds of dollars worth of groceries from our parents.  We probably looked like a bunch of college kids heading back to school with all that junk in the car, snacking on goodies from my mom and rocking out to a killer mix.  But who cares?!

We’re doing it all over again this weekend – watch out Binghamton!   I mean, see you in Binghamton!


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