26 Aug

A colleague posted this video on Facebook earlier today and I just love it.

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with finding that moment where I will be able to say “I’m over this”.  Say it and actually believe it.  But maybe instead of obsessing over when that very moment will come, I should take a step back and breathe in the moments that lead me there.  Despite the fact that this “thing” is always in the back of my head, I am truly trying to soak in each moment that helps to create the new me and my new future.  I obviously wish my life hadn’t spiraled to a place where I have to go through this but the truth is, how often do you get to rewrite everything and fill your life with moments of your choosing?  I still want that big sigh-of-relief-because-I’m-over-it moment…but the moments from here to there might be just as good.

And no, I don’t relate to the girl crying in bed in this video.  Not anymore anyway.


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