My wedding dress might be knocked up

29 Sep

I don’t want to imply too much here but my wedding dress is LATE and FAT.  What’s the first thing you think of when you hear those two adjectives together?  Exactly.

The wedding would have been five weeks from this weekend – we would have been boarding the flight to Mexico on November 1st – and my wedding dress literally just arrived at the bridal studio.  I have to assume I would have been in a full-blown panic by this point, right?  And that’s before I would have been informed that the studio ordered my dress three sizes too big.

All this and we (okay, my parents) still can’t get out of the damn contract – so we’re officially the “proud” owners of a very expensive dress that I will never wear!

Apparently even my wedding dress knew that this wedding wasn’t meant to be.


One Response to “My wedding dress might be knocked up”

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