Why is my wedding dress in your closet?

29 Nov

My brother is back in New York and I could not be more ecstatic.  As I’ve come to learn, broken engagements are full of clichés so I am going to go ahead and use one: I did not realize how much I missed him until two and a half years later, we find ourselves on the same continent again.  With only an 18 month age difference between us, we’ve always been close, move in the same or similar social circles and are usually facing similar life milestones in close proximity of one another.

In recent years our lives transformed into something significantly different and, for the most part, hugely separate.  Well, if you don’t count Skype, email or Facebook.  While I concentrated on building my career and a (then unknown) disaster-bound relationship, my brother lived halfway around the world in Ho Chi Minh City, gaining journalistic experience abroad and immersing himself in a culture completely unlike his own.

My brother – or once upon a time, my “man of honor” – booked his flight home and returned to the US for a then expected early November wedding date.  In the month since he has been home, it is as though he never left.  I am sure his experiences, and the accompanying culture shock of those experiences, give him a perspective I can only imagine; however it is truly as though he was simply on a brief sabbatical from my every day.  As we slip into familiar habits – hanging out at each other’s apartments (mine more than his, but come on, he lives in Brooklyn…!), bar hopping around the city, holiday meals together – I can’t help but recognize that we are actually transformed individuals.  It seems that while he was gone these past few years, we both became adults.  Complete with adult issues in life to contend with.

While my brother’s new adventure is a practical one – the “what’s next” of his inevitably successful career path – mine is the somewhat more emotional journey of reevaluating a previously planned path that I had for myself.  Either way, we both seem to be at a crossroad of sorts and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have holding that all-important compass with me.  Even if, snooping around his new digs last weekend, I did find my wedding dress in his closet…lucky for him, and the nauseated look he had on a face, I’ve dealt with much worse these past six months and could easily shrug it off.  He told me it was a beautiful dress and we laughed.


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