The bride wore Google

28 Feb

I don’t let an hour go by without tapping into Google’s infinite power to pretty much manage my life for me.  At the risk of sounding like a Google-sponsored ad, from Mail to Alerts to Picasa to Reader, it’s become impossible to get through the day without using it.  And besides, who would want to?

Online searches adopted the nickname “googling” years ago.  The term was even added to The Oxford Dictionary and Merrian-Webster Collegiate Dictionary in 2006.  Google is an online powerhouse with annual revenue of $23.65 billion in 2009.  It has inserted itself into our lifestyle with Chat, Google Health, Calendar, Docs, Groups, Earth, Finance, etc.  We use Google-owned sites like YouTube, Blogger and Orkut daily.  I long ago gave up on Yahoo, Bing and other conglomerate search engine and “everything lifestyle” sites.  The Google kingdom has more than proven itself all powerful.

It only makes sense that Google has recently set its sights on the $40 billion wedding industry.  Enter Google Weddings.  The site allows users to create a website with Google Sites, edit photos and personalize announcements with Picnik, plan the nuts and bolts with Google Docs, share photos with Picasa.  Among hundreds of other things.  Don’t have the 5 seconds it takes to google “Florists in midtown Manhattan”?  Let Google google itself for you.  Within seconds the new site will provide resource after resource for your all encompassing wedding planning process.

So if in the interest of all things Google, what does this mean for sites like The Knot and WeddingChannel?  Is it only a matter of time before Google takes over the online wedding planning circuit?

Well Google, just when you thought you could hold me hostage in all aspects of my life, I guess the joke’s on you this time.

Oh sh*t, wait…


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