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Mixed tapes

31 Mar

Javier Bardem in Eat, Pray, Love makes me wish that mixed tapes would make a comeback.  Like, badly.  Go ahead, watch this movie and tell me you don’t want one.  Because I’ll take him, uh, I mean a mix.


If you can make it here

30 Mar

Someone just shared this as what she calls a great definition of living in NYC.  There is an inherent challenge to finding the “courage to do what you do every damn day” regardless of city, career path, relationship status.  For the past few weeks I have felt uncomfortably at odds with the perception I’m projecting for others to see, the self portrait I want them to see.  I can’t quite diagnose the exact source of this emotional dissonance but it’s been in the background of my everyday threatening to manifest itself.  I know this is just one of those periods in which “everything will just hit you again” but regardless, this description is appropriate in two very distinct ways: no matter what life hands you, it is always possible find the courage to do what you need to; and I’m sure as hell not yawning while I do it.


The cool dude on Mad Love says

28 Mar

There’s a couple things that annoy me about this show, most notably that it’s trying too hard to be the next How I Met Your Mother, but something keeps me Tivo’ing it week after week.  Jason Biggs’ character is annoying and Sarah Chalke continues to play the same character in a show of a different title (ironically enough, she once starred on How I Met Your Mother…)

I do however absolutely adore Larry and Connie (played by Tyler Labine and Judy Greer) and Larry opened tonight’s episode with a great line:

“We all want the same thing even if we call it by different names: comradery, human connection, love…or free beer.”

Go ahead, tell me it isn’t true!

(Oh, and I won’t be posting anything tagged “television” for at least the next week.  It’s starting to sound as though I don’t have a life…but I swear I do!)

These kids with their damn technology

27 Mar

My blackberry pinged this morning.  It didn’t ring or beep or buzz.  Nope, it was the distinct ping of a Facebook notification.  Coming off two days of notifications in which everyone I know on the Facebook planet wished me a happy birthday, I ignored the ping this morning.  After all, it’s not as all-important or all-consuming as  a text message or bbm.  Obviously.

Turns out someone didn’t post a belated birthday wish on my Wall.  It wasn’t a Facebook inbox message.  And I wasn’t recently tagged in a photo.  No, it was a friend request.  A friend request that took me a few minutes to place.  It was (wait for it…) Perfect Pint!  Oh, you definitely know Perfect Pint.  You might remember that it took me weeks to figure out this guy’s name despite regularly swapped texts to “hang out”.  And it was pure luck (and a little bit of drunken stupidity) when I actually did figure it out.  Three months later, in the interest of preserving our mutual desire to just “hang out” from time to time, his name and number are still really all I need.

But now we’re “friends” apparently?  I now know not only his name but his educational background, previous employers, taste in music, movies and television, what he looked like in college,  languages spoken (which I’m actually pretty impressed with if he’s telling the truth), what he did last weekend…

I still clicked the “accept” button.  I couldn’t help it.

And thank god I did.  An appropriate amount of Facebook creeping later, it turns out he just lost his phone this weekend.  He wasn’t looking to be friends, he was just looking for my number so he could shoot me a text or call the next time he wants to “hang out”.  Great call kid.

Special delivery

26 Mar

I’m reminded after last night that I really have no excuse to feel sad, lonely or regretful of the unexpected situation I now find myself living.  I have the most incredible people a girl could ask for in life!

Thanks Fam:

Thanks sistah:

Thanks EVERYONE!  The evening was fabulous!  Almost as great as all the “WTF happened last night?” conversations being exchanged today.  I expected nothing less.  Love you all!  Only us guys, only us!

Happy Birthday! (oh, to me)

25 Mar

I woke up a few minutes ago and am inspired to embrace my 30th birthday!

Up until last night I felt pretty much ambivalent about it.  Here it is, another milestone in life meant to be celebrated however I felt oddly undecided on how to get through yet another one of these.  Until last night.  Nothing special: random bar, $3 beers, basketball games.  Oh wait, with my closest friend who refused to let me look at the clock alone at midnight.  No, we would be looking into the bottom of a shot glass at midnight.  Together.  Now there is definitely something  special about that.

We had discussed it a few days ago: turning 30 in a relationship and turning 30 when you’re single are two very different things.  Last year, on the eve of my then fiancé’s 30th birthday, we were snuggled in bed, talking about where we were in life…ironically enough, it was, exactly where we had hoped (oh hindsight, leave me alone today please!)  When the clock chimed midnight, I wished him a “happy birthday” and – for the parents reading – we went straight to sleep.  (For the non-parents reading right now, vomit…on so many levels.)

So now I’m the one turning 30 but there’s no one in bed to whisper “happy birthday” at midnight.  But honestly, who wants to be in bed at the moment you turn 30 anyway?!  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing people!  It does though require a friend, a shot and an always appreciated “Happy Birthday beeeotch!”

(For the record, “a few drinks after work” and that b-day shot at midnight turned to a 4 am kind of a night.  With a few new friends.  Of the male persuasion.  Let’s face it sister, “we’ve still got it!“)

With an opening act this fun, there can only be, undoubtedly, great memories to be made tonight with my incredible group of friends…and perhaps a cocktail or two.  If you’ll excuse me though, I’m off to embrace this milestone from the spa for a few hours…with said fabulous sistah!

Well good morning to you too, Joe

23 Mar

My morning besties are back: Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist.  I woke up this morning and instead of putting on the local news or Pandora, I flipped to MSNBC , and Morning Joe.  You may recall that I was guilty of “living under a rock” back in August.  In reality, I just couldn’t bring myself to get ready for work while the show my ex-fiancé and I had watched together every morning for the last three years of my life was on.  But as with many other things these past 10 months – cooking dinner, listening to certain songs, watching primetime lineup, making breakfast on the weekend, accepting silence – I simply woke up this morning and decided to get over what is just another former routine from a different life.  My deepest apologizes to Mika, Joe and Willie but you’re just not special enough to make me cry anymore.

Not to worry my friends, there’s still plenty holding me back: every night I fall asleep thinking about how much room I have in bed by myself; when I order takeout I still say “can we have…”; there are dresses in my closet still in the dry cleaning bag with his name on the attached receipt; I haven’t had my taxes done as I’m avoiding our accountant; my first waking thought each morning is that I’m alone.  There’s a whole list but it’s not to be coddled or pitied; they are simply facts.  But hey, Morning Joe was on this list up until 12 hours ago too.  And I’ll take that.