Yo New York, get it together!

6 Mar

Excuse my language but have you heard this bullsh*t?!

According to Travel and Leisure, New York just lost its championship belt for Rudest City in America.  Even worse, they seem to think that this should in some way be “celebrated”.  Try again.  When we do something, we do it all the way.  And no one likes being first place loser.

According to the survey, population is a major contributing factor to rudeness; the more crowded the city, the ruder its inhabitants. Within the US, you don’t get much more congested than New York.  Additionally, cities known for their booming tourism ironically tend to rank high.  Have you ever been inside Macy’s between Thanksgiving and Christmas?  Enough said.

To “secure the title belt in 2012” – and knock Los Angeles the hell out of our way – a movement to “Re-Establish NYC as the Rudest City in America” has begun.  According to the movement, here’s how you can help:

  • Follow @NYCRudeMoments on Twitter; submissions will be RT’ed daily
  • Tweet the rudest “Only in New York” moments with the hashtag #rudenyc
  • Submit stories or pictures of obnoxious rudeness directly on the website
  • Send your stories of rudeness to NYCRudeMoments@gmail.com

Not sure exactly how you can make New York reign supreme again?  Here are my three suggestions:

1. Embrace your inner “Sidewalk Rager“.  According to WSJ: continue muttering and bumping into other pedestrians; inconsiderately hog or block sidewalks, act in a hostile manner toward slow and meandering pedestrians- stare, give them a “mean face”, approach too closely, don’t yield, make insulting gestures.  Better yet, urge the mayor to support the “tourist lane sidewalk project“!

2. Identify with all 41 reasons to hate NYC.  Laugh.  Cry.  And then admit it, you’ll never leave.

3. Engage in the usual, guaranteed suspects: take a stroll through Times Square; ride the 4, 5, 6 from Grand Central at rush hour; go to a lounge with a rope at the front door, a dress code and a list (bonus points if you have to wait outside in the rain); walk into a Duane Reade expecting anything that resembles customer service.

Spread the word…apparently “we need this to be a mean year”!


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