These kids with their damn technology

27 Mar

My blackberry pinged this morning.  It didn’t ring or beep or buzz.  Nope, it was the distinct ping of a Facebook notification.  Coming off two days of notifications in which everyone I know on the Facebook planet wished me a happy birthday, I ignored the ping this morning.  After all, it’s not as all-important or all-consuming as  a text message or bbm.  Obviously.

Turns out someone didn’t post a belated birthday wish on my Wall.  It wasn’t a Facebook inbox message.  And I wasn’t recently tagged in a photo.  No, it was a friend request.  A friend request that took me a few minutes to place.  It was (wait for it…) Perfect Pint!  Oh, you definitely know Perfect Pint.  You might remember that it took me weeks to figure out this guy’s name despite regularly swapped texts to “hang out”.  And it was pure luck (and a little bit of drunken stupidity) when I actually did figure it out.  Three months later, in the interest of preserving our mutual desire to just “hang out” from time to time, his name and number are still really all I need.

But now we’re “friends” apparently?  I now know not only his name but his educational background, previous employers, taste in music, movies and television, what he looked like in college,  languages spoken (which I’m actually pretty impressed with if he’s telling the truth), what he did last weekend…

I still clicked the “accept” button.  I couldn’t help it.

And thank god I did.  An appropriate amount of Facebook creeping later, it turns out he just lost his phone this weekend.  He wasn’t looking to be friends, he was just looking for my number so he could shoot me a text or call the next time he wants to “hang out”.  Great call kid.


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