Permanent adolescence

8 Apr

It was a joke amongst my family and friends that my ex-fiancé was, to some degree, just like a child.  While we used to laugh about his laid-back, and often clueless nature, in hindsight I don’t know that any of it was actually all that funny.

I don’t hold my ex’s many childlike tendencies responsible for “leaving an entire generation of American males in a state of semi-adolescence”, however they certainly did not help the cause.  Here are the warning signs that I won’t ignore in the future:

– Not knowing how to clean a bathroom.  Wait, not knowing how to clean anything.  Laundry included.

– Not knowing the difference between a cheese grater and garlic press.  Not knowing how to boil an egg.

– Use of the word “yucky”.  Frequent use of the word “yucky”.

– Inability to pack a suitcase.  Due to a general lack of knowledge when it comes to folding clothes.

– Intense fear of mice and spiders.  We live in New York City.  Man up.

– Having to strategically plan outings in a way that will manage his short attention span…including snack breaks.

– Inability to be alone.  Ever.  Incessant calling, texting, bbm’ing, emailing when I am not around due to being “booooored”.

– Not knowing how to hold a baby.  Being more interested in playing with the baby’s toys than the actual baby.

– Asking “Can we get it?”  I am not your mother.  Do whatever you want.

I know I’m not the only one to ever roll my eyes at a boyfriend’s kid-like behavior.  What else should I watch out for ladies?!


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