Artichoke relish

9 Apr

Between work and that not so welcome emotion of the past few weeks, I’ve been slightly on edge lately.  I don’t think I realized quite how anxious I had become until I met up with my girlfriends for a few glasses of wine after work tonight.  Despite all efforts to control them, my hands were shaking as I flipped through the menu.  My chest was pounding and although it was a small restaurant to begin with, I was certain the walls were closing in on me.

What’s that thing they say?  Admitting it is the first step?  Unfortunately there is not an easy fix for these emotional tribulations.  The best you can do is stay focused, determined to look ahead.

After spending Sunday morning at the office, I purposely ended up at Chelsea Market (check!), because – let’s face it – if you’re trying to avoid an emotional floodgate, you might as well be productive while doing so.

Despite my emotional hangover from the evening before, I was quickly distracted by the activity at the market.  Mission accomplished!  After a bit of very adult-like retail therapy (Bloody Mary mix, artichoke relish, a bottle of wine, freshly baked bread), I eventually made the 45-minute walk home.  I took a long shower when I got there, had a slice of fresh bread and a glass of wine for dinner and crawled into bed.  Thankfully, exhausted.


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