Take off the ring, take off the years

12 Apr

I’ve been on a college campus for the past three days as part of the annual university recruitment trips that comprise part of my spring routine for work.  When I first started doing this four years ago, I was constantly mistaken for a student.  It was a fair assumption; after all, I had only been out of grad school for 18 months myself.  It continued into year two and although frustrating at the time, I got over it.  Then last year, nothing.  Finally, I thought, I had reached a place professionally where I wasn’t mistaken for a student.  Interestingly enough, I simultaneously received numerous comments on my engagement ring as well as question after question about the wedding.

Given the demise of my engagement and recently celebrated 30th birthday, I was thrilled to be mistaken for a student on three different occasions during this particular trip!  I was asked for my student ID at Starbucks for the campus discount.  Thank you.  I was sent to the end of the student registration line at the career fair.  Thank you.  I was told that the interview day luncheon was for recruiters only (followed by “I’m sorry, I thought you were one of the students.”)  Thank you.

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone wearing an engagement or wedding ring because that’s not my intention.  We all need to choose our own accessories in life, and at this point, mine doesn’t include a ring…or man.


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