“Will your husband be joining us?”

14 Apr

As it turns out, there really wasn’t any need to wait until 6 pm on April 14th to meet with my accountant and have my taxes done.  I was consciously avoiding Kenny the accountant, who my ex and I went to for years as a couple.  I figured that if I waited as late as possible, Kenny would already be well-informed, via my ex, that we weren’t actually married, the tax implications of which we had discussed at length with him last year.

When I called to make the dreaded appointment, the receptionist informed me that Kenny had left the firm months ago.  He set me up with the person who had taken over Kenny’s files and reminded me to show up on time.  Because there were only six business days left to file taxes.  I know, that was the point.

So there I was tonight, digging in my bag for my W-2, when Kenny’s replacement nearly knocked me over with the last thing I was expecting to hear: “Will your husband be joining us?”

No he won’t be.

Awwwkward.  Damn you and your superb note keeping Kenny.


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    […] accountant’s office last night (yes, that asshole who asked me if my husband would be “joining us” last night…).  I was on a mission.  A mission with a list.  Of ingredients.  For a recipe. […]

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