Why weekends aren’t for working

18 Apr

So maybe I’ve been slightly MIA the last few weekends.  Unless you’re my desk at work.  Then you know exactly where I’ve been.

Unable to sleep again this past Saturday, I bounced out of bed at 6:45 am and was to the office by 7:30 am.  Understanding full well what I was doing, I gave myself six hours.  I was leaving the office by 1:30 pm if I had to drag myself out kicking and screaming.  Here’s what I learned can happen outside the office on the weekend:

  • Watch hockey playoffs with your favorite sports fans in the world.  They’re from Buffalo.  Obviously.  (Go Sabres!)  “Things just got interesting.”  Haaaate you.
  • Meet up with bullet point #1 later that night and realize that despite being really drunk, you’re definitely the most sober.  Pickleback shots ensue.  Rock the sh*t out of Ace of Base’s “I Saw the Sign”.  Flip your hair, fix your lip gloss, accept the bartenders compliment about how great you look tonight.
  • Wake up pleasantly hung over.  Alone.  (Win…?)  Appreciate, in the very least, that you’re not with the serial killer.
  • Go for a run.  See “Action Dad” (aka hot guy who runs along the East River with baby in tow).  Drool.  Over Action Dad, not the baby.
  • Unlimited brunch and board games at West 3rd Common.  “The Thornbirds!”; “On your dome piece!”….“I don’t even know what this word is!”
  • Post-brunch drinks.  Because, well, why not?  Take part in the following conversation with two dudes: “We don’t mean to be creepy but weren’t you girls just at West 3rd Common for brunch?”  This automatically makes you creepy gentleman.
  • See Scream 4.  Conclusion: it was not any more or less scary than the original.  We were just 15 years younger.  Tweet this with #gettingold.  Spoiler alert: Sydney may or may not die in this one.

2 Responses to “Why weekends aren’t for working”

  1. Mandy April 21, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    I heart Action Dad 🙂


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