“Event of the decade”?

27 Apr

I haven’t really posted on the upcoming Royal Wedding for a few reasons; mostly because I am not what you would call a girlie girl.  I don’t get excited by all things wedding.  Planning my own ultimately ill-fated wedding was a lot of, well, work.  I’m not one to obsess over celebrity happenings or buy magazines based on who is on the cover (unless it’s People’s 50 Most Beautiful, obviously).  I do have another reason for not commenting of course: I don’t want anything to be mistaken as bitter / pitiful / pathetic / disappointed / spiteful that that Kate is getting married and I didn’t.  I heard a commentator say something earlier today though that stopped me in my tracks.  He described the upcoming wedding of Kate and Wills as “the event of the decade“.

Um, given that it’s only 2011, isn’t that a slightly premature statement to make?

Let’s plan devil’s advocate for just a minute:

  • Doctors could find a cure for AIDS
  • The next Facebook or Twitter could launch
  • I could develop an actual interest in dating
  • The nation could elect the first female President of the United States
  • War-torn countries could find their populations at peace for the first time in decades
  • Solar energy could prevail, making us less reliant on oil and gasoline
  • That solar energy could power the Jetson-inspired spaceships that will replace automobiles
  • Technological advances in the grilled cheese making process could change everything
  • Armageddon…uh hello, 2012?!

I know everyone’s excited and I truly understand why – so I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way – but I’m going to hold out for world peace if that sounds okay to you.

(Regardless, congrats to K&W!)


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