What May brings

2 May

Flowers, hopefully

Originally a short poem, the words “Sweet April showers Do spring May flowers” were first written by Thomas Tusser in 1557.  The intended lesson is one of patience; that the unpleasant will eventually lead to that which is beautiful.

Lychee martinis

Lychee martinis may very well be the perfect cocktail over which to have life’s most meaningful conversations.  With girlfriends, of course.  Two of my favorite places in midtown are the W Hotel and Aquamarine.  Other recommendations…?

Prince Harry on the cover of GQ

The once awkward but now more handsome of the two royal brothers graces this month’s cover of GQ.  Sure he’s only 27, but that’s 27 years of the best possible breeding ladies.  Let the duel for Harry begin.  With this cover.

Maxi dresses

Long, flowing, romantic.  Simple, sexy.  Appropriate for every body type.  Forgiving when you overindulge at a champagne brunch.  Back in this season.

Open windows

The weather is warming up just enough to leave the window slightly ajar at night.  Nothing is more soothing than a cool breeze blowing across your face as you fall asleep.  Bonus points for muffled sounds 24 stories below slowly weaving their way toward the sky and into your dreams.

Memorial Day

The one year anniversary for which my five-year, falsely created and never achieved “happy ending” came crashing in.  It’s just another day.  For now.  How do you look back, 12 months later, on the most difficult day of your life?  Probably with lychee martinis in hand.


3 Responses to “What May brings”

  1. IJK May 4, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    and meat pies, xoxoxox


  1. What May really brings « Unwedded Bliss - May 27, 2011

    […] held off on this because, quite honestly, I didn’t want to admit it to even myself.  I approached May with optimism and with the hope that it would be just one more seemingly meaningless milestone.  In the interest […]

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