Borrow something else

5 May

Although I never watch commercials, I’ve seen the fast-forwarded preview for Something Borrowed just about every other commercial break this past week.

The book was bad enough.  You’ve heard the plot before.  Girl has friend.  Friend is marrying love of girl’s life.  Girl confesses her love to and sleeps with said friend’s fiancé.  Girl must choose between her heart and her conscience.

While there are many times in life that prove the line between right and wrong can be blurry, this is just not one of them.  In case it’s unclear, here is a list of things that are okay to borrow: sugar, clothes and accessories for a hot date, books, suitcase for traveling, suntan lotion on the beach, car (in an emergency, like when you have to go to New Jersey to have your engagement ring appraised for resell value…thanks again sistah!), digital camera for vacation, board games for game night (I think we all know which team will win at Taboo ladies…) and the like.  You’ll note that boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, wife and husband did not make the list.  Imagine that!

I happen to really like Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski so it’s unfortunate that the movie looks terrible.  I think I’ll take the cost of a $13 movie ticket to happy hour instead.


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