That’s Dutchess to you

8 May

With my mom 800 miles away on Mother’s Day today, I decided to volunteer the better part of my morning and afternoon at a local soup kitchen.  This particular kitchen is the only Manhattan-based soup kitchen open on Sundays so our group of volunteers was expected to serve over 1000 meals.  With such a high volume of anticipated traffic, we were assigned extremely focused jobs for the day, assembly-line style.  I was given the role of “sugar girl” (do what you want with that job title, haha).  It was actually perfect as it allowed me to stretch my social butterfly wings and chat with the kitchen’s clients all day while simply scooping sugar into their cups of coffee.  I eventually made my way into the actual kitchen where I helped pack takeout containers with a second meal for patrons to leave with; also a very rewarding task.

Shout out to a certain gentleman at the soup kitchen who kicked off my week today by yelling at me: “Ooooh you’re not the real princess, Kate!!!”  Trust me, never said I was sir!  (And I’m sure he could have called me worse.)  Damn name tags.


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