Technically, I used a glass

14 May

Agreed, I drank wine tonight.  Watching a movie.  In bed.  Wearing a wifebeater and underwear.

Coming off a long week at work, then volunteering with a musical foundation for individuals with disabilities this morning and finally tagging along to Bed, Bath & Beyond with one of girlfriends, I was exhausted tonight.  Walking into my bedroom, after hanging out at a friend’s place for a bit, the heavens opened and angels sang when I saw the divine red Netflix envelope next to my TV.  I would be spending my evening with The King, watching his Speech.  (I know I’m extremely late in seeing The King’s Speech, so you probably know this already, but the film and cast are phenomenal…especially, especially, especially Collin Firth who is superb.)

It was exactly what I wanted tonight.  Probably because I no longer have to force myself to tolerate an evening like this.  I actually look forward to it, and find myself actively trying to make time for one after a particularly busy week.  There is still the inevitable want of hearing someone’s breath next to me when I wake up in the middle of the night; but that’s from time to time now, no longer something I need every night.  And it certainly doesn’t keep me up at night anymore.


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