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Airport chic

30 Jun

This just puts my go-to travel leggings to shame.  I guess maybe if I were flying private with the future king, I would try a bit harder.  (Is it weird if I “touché” myself…?)


Bon Temps is getting steamy

28 Jun

True Blood Season 4 premiered this weekend and I know I’m not the only one to notice how incredibly hot the men – dead and alive – of Bon Temps are this season.  The first episode of the season started out a bit odd with all that fairyland junk but with men like this to drool over, I mean, admire their depth of character portrayal, who cares?

And just think ladies, our favorite werewolf isn’t even back yet!

More than just a bracelet

26 Jun

Last week with the ping of my blackberry calendar, I found myself on the receiving end of one of those unexpected punches to the stomach, compliments of my former life.  They tend to feel less like punches these days and more like distant memories or remnants of a life that once belonged to someone else.

I’ve never hidden my disappointment and sadness over the friends I lost following my broken engagement but I never talk about my ex’s parents, my once almost in-laws.  Not even with my closest friends.  I have simply missed them too much.  During the five years my ex and I were together, I came to love his parents almost as much as I thought I had loved him.

There are years of experiences with his family to reflect on however memories from the last few months of our engagement fill me with the most regret: flying to Florida to surprise his mother for her 60th birthday party- I remember feeling with utter certainty that I was part of this family; calling her post-wedding dress shopping with my mother…and rushing home to email her pictures so that she could tell us what she thought; feeling truly touched, and understanding how much I meant to her too,  when she gave me a beautiful bracelet for my 29th birthday- a bracelet I just allowed myself to start wearing again in recent days; sipping fruity, frozen cocktails and listening to a live mariachi band after an exhausting day of touring resorts for the wedding in Mexico.  These memories are like watching a movie in my mind; clear as day and able to threaten the heartache that I have long given up for my ex.

All this, locked away for over a year simply because it was too painful to think about, and a simple ping of my blackberry calendar on their 40th wedding anniversary allows it to all come flooding back.  In recognizing that it is finally time to allow myself to grieve the loss of this once treasured relationship, I went back to the last time we ever spoke.  It was June 1, 2010; the day after my ex-fiance called off our wedding.  She emailed me because she couldn’t – in her words – bring herself to call.  She told me that her heart was breaking for me and my family over this tragic turn of events and that she was of course sad for her son.  She told me I was a “wonderful, beautiful, strong woman”  and that she knew in time I would heal.  Then she told me that they loved me for the very last time.  I cried for days after receiving her email but finally found the courage to reply three days later, in what would become one of the most painful emails I had to compose through this experience.  I told her that her email had meant a lot to me and that while my heart was breaking, I could only hope that this decision would bring her son to a better place.  I told her I was surrounded by friends and family and that in their support I would find the strength I needed to get through this.  I told her that I was sad I would never officially be part of her family but I had never felt anything less the past few years and that the love and kindness she had shown me would be something I would never forget.

Knowing my ex-fiancé had given our friends only half truths full of inaccuracies about what had transpired between us, I worried in the weeks and months following our broken engagement that his mother was told similar stories and that her opinion of me had lessened, turned sour.  I had told him I was going to take what I needed from our apartment; did he complain to her that I took everything, not sharing that I had told him weeks prior what to expect?  He continued to pay the utilities at our apartment after I asked him to put them in my name; did he tell her that or just complain about having to pay them?  I told him I needed more time to decide what to do with my engagement ring; did he tell her I wouldn’t give it back?  Like so many other aspects of this mess, I had to eventually.  Despite the now unknown opinion of someone who had once meant so much to me, it is okay to mourn the loss of that relationship.  Even now, over a year later.

Hell yeah, New York

24 Jun

The state of New York just got that much cooler, passing same-sex marriage legislation in the state where, following riots at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, the gay rights movement transformed into a widespread protest for equality and acceptance in June 1969.  New York joins five other states – Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire Vermont, plus the District of Columbia – in recognizing same-sex marriage.  NY is the largest state to date to pass this legislation and its politically influential gay community could prove to be the momentum other states need to consider similar legislation.

Senator Mark Grisanti from BUFFALO was one of four Republicans to vote against his party’s position on same-sex marriage.  He was quoted as saying: “I cannot deny a person, a human being, a taxpayer, a worker, the people of my district and across this state, the State of New York, and those people who make this the great state that it is the same rights that I have with my wife.”

In celebration of the historical decision, The Empire State Building was wrapped in rainbow lights less than one hour after the bill passed.  Congrats New York!

I really hope this rumor is and/or becomes true…!

23 Jun

I try not to obsess over celebrity relationships however for some completely inexplicable reason I would love to see news that Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy are (officially) dating!  Maybe the reason has something to do with their incredible chemistry on DWTS or her incredible personal journey that unraveled as the weeks went on.  Or maybe it’s because of her witty tweets and their playful banter back and forth.  The rumors started almost immediately after their debut as dance partners – with that “passionate kiss” during their quick step routine.  Then came the movie premieres; Kirstie dumped her boyfriend; Maks announced that he wasn’t indeed engaged; and we all know what “friends for life” can lead to…

I totally understand that to be successful dance partners a couple must have a certain level of chemistry but these two make it look like just as much fun off the dance floor…

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

21 Jun

Here’s a tip for all the single girls out there: a nearby girlfriend makes the best neighbor imaginable!

In addition to everything she already is, she’ll immediately become  your:

  • Pedicure partner….although your feet will never be as perfect as hers!
  • Cab companion, and argument defender when everyone makes fun of you for never taking public transportation.
  • Fellow Union Square errand runner.  Because neither of you should ever be allowed in Party City by yourself.
  • Taco salad dinner provider…but be sure you bring the Skinny Girl.  Freeloader.
  • “Bad” television watching confident; some call it bad but you two know it for what it really is: essential media consumption.
  • Co-complainer anytime you have to leave midtown.  Sorry but you guys know it’s true.  (See cab companion.)
  • Fellow spa whore.  Enough said.
  • Lychee martini and dumpling binge buddy.
  • Neighborhood guru – restaurants, takeout joints, bars, drugstores, grocery stores, liquor stores, coffee shops, shady bodegas, places to catch some sun, running routes….
  • “Grab a quick drink” friend – whether really for just one drink or if you stumble home at 3 am.  On a Tuesday.
  • And finally, bonus points if she works within walking distance of your office too – she’ll drag you away from your desk on evenings when you need someone to do just that.

Moral of this story?  Everyone should have at least only person who can say to you “I’ll pick you up on the corner!” without making it feel…well, wrong.

“What a prick”

20 Jun

You may or may not remember the “joke” – that when I felt ready to commit to something, I would get a cactus.

Don’t get too excited or anything; this is not a metaphor.  It is just a cactus.  I am however ready to commit to splashing half a glass of water on it every two months.  It’s all about setting realistic expectations post-broken engagement!