Happy Anniversary, Me!

14 Jun

As with the most salient moments in life, the morning of June 14, 2010 is as clear in my head as if it had been this morning.  I was somewhere between restless, sleeping-pill induced fits of “sleep”.  On the couch of course; this was long before I was ready to crawl into that bed again.  My laptop – then still classified as “ours” – was on the coffee table amongst a pile of other items meant to keep me distracted from my recent heartbreak…magazines, Sookie Stackhouse novels, crossword puzzles, DVD’s.  There were tissues everywhere because, let’s face it, all I was really capable of that first month was crying.  There was uneaten takeout from the night before, a dirty glass and an empty bottle of something or other.

As I clicked “play” on my remote to start the Scream trilogy for probably about the 37th time in the past two weeks, I reached through the mess for my laptop and rolled my eyes as I opened it.  I was convinced this was a stupid idea.  But everyone kept encouraging me to “write!” despite my protests that I wasn’t a “Dear Diary” type of girl.  But, I figured, what else did I have going on?  It was 3 am.  I didn’t have to be to work for hours.  Not that I would make it through more than a few hours anyways…

I wrote what would become my first post in 20 minutes, barely thinking about the words as I pounded away in the middle of night.  As I set down my laptop, I felt an odd sense of calm for the first time since my fiancé had left.  I had remained focused and managed to get out of my own head for an entire 20 minutes.  Sure, that calm lasted all of ten minutes but it was the welcomed break I had silently begged for for weeks now.

In addition to my friends and family, Unwedded Bliss has been a true lifeline this past year and continues to be something I pursue with passion and excitement.  In recognition of that “aha!” moment of one year ago, here they are: my top reasons for starting this blog and why that passion persists exactly one year later.

1.  The first time I logged into my G-mail account following my ex’s departure, I was overcome with the love and support that awaited me via email.  Family, friends, colleagues, friends of friends – there were dozens of emails and calls that first week and although it was a heart-wrenching endeavor, I slowly responded to each and every person.  Surprisingly, I found strength in doing so.

2.  I spent the few hours I could manage daily at the office responding to these emails, and I found I was often saying a lot of the same things to many different people.  Everyone had the same questions and shared similar concerns for me.  I was shocked to hear from one of the girls that a friend outside the city had commented that even through the tragedy that had become my personal life, there seemed to be a grace with which I was able to explain and start to analyze the situation.  So maybe I could do this.  At least in writing for now.

3.  Let’s cut to the chase: this is one hell of a story to tell.  Some of the events and people that have come into my life these past 12 months are just too crazy/interesting/unbelievable/entertaining to not write about!  You know- like THISTHISTHISTHIS, or THIS.

4.  The continued support and encouragement of those around me continues to be my greatest source on inspiration.  And not just for writing!  (Although just about everything with our crew comes with a “she may blog about this” warning label.)  There is something intrinsically motivating when the people in my life reference the things I’ve written about; that they care enough to keep reading.  Now that is something for which there are not words.

5.  Well, I had to take a stab at commitment at some point!  Let’s just say, I’m the type of girl who expects dinner and drinks and won’t put out on the first date, WordPress.


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