What July brings

1 Jul

Feeling (cobalt) blue

Fun and electric, attention-grabbing cobalt blue is making its mark this summer.  From the red carpet to my office of PR fashionistas, I’m seeing it everywhere.  I’ve officially added a cobalt dress to my must have list…let the shopping begin!

Raw tuna

My mother is already rolling her eyes as the word “yuck!” leaves her lips but apparently my appetite for all things raw tuna – sushi, ceviche, carpaccio, crudo, tartare – is right on trend according to Aspen’s 2011 Food & Wine Classic.  Thirteen other food trends also emerged.

Surprise celebrity weddings and quickie engagements

America Ferrara married her long-time boyfriend Ryan Piers Williams in a very hush-hush wedding this past Monday.  I didn’t even know Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were dating but they just pulled off a super secret wedding, usually impossible in Hollywood.  Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries anyone?

Carefree, natural-looking hair

It’s every girl’s dream come true: natural-looking, product-free hair with little styling – braids, messy buns, ponytails, beach curls – are this summer’s aim.  I went away this past weekend for the first time ever without a hairdryer, hair straightener or product.  And it was fabulous.

New York City Restaurant Week

I found out on the way to our July 2010 reservation (Maze at the London) that my ex had called my friend to demand my engagement ring back.  I shared with the girls at our February 2011 dinner (The Strand) that earlier in the day I had gotten my ex to agree to split the value of the ring with me.  With this summer’s reservation, I can finally say with confidence that my ex is not invited to dinner!

Same-sex weddings in New York State

With the passage of the same-sex marriage equality bill last week, legislation will go into effect in 30 days – meaning same-sex couples could marry as soon as late-July.  I’m available to attend if anyone is looking for a plus one.  I’ll be wearing a cobalt blue dress.


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