No guts, no glory

11 Jul

Sergeant “You-can-call-me-Scott” Moore’s YouTube invite from Musa Qala, Afghanistan scored him a date with Mila Kunis to November’s Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, North Carolina.

In what I’m now calling a play from Scott’s playbook, I’ve agreed to let a colleague introduce me to someone.  A male someone.

To be fair, I just started working with her about three months ago; she didn’t have the opportunity to meet pathetic, heartbroken, can’t-get-off-the-couch, pitiful me.   So she thinks I’m relatively normal…although she does know my complicated deal.  Regardless, she and her boyfriend have a mutual friend they think I might hit it off with.  And I just can’t come up with a single convincing reason not to go for it.  I am more than capable of grabbing a few drinks with her crew sometime and meeting this guy….right??

My coworker-turned-friend-slash-matchmaker agreed that we wouldn’t make this some I’ll-be-the-one-wearing-a-green-dress blind date thing.  And we’ve set realistic expectations: maybe this guy and I will feel it, maybe we won’t.  Either way, no hard feelings; it’s simply worth a shot.  Quite honestly, I’m just flattered that she’d even think about setting me up with one of her friends!  There’s no crazy hurry either; I especially don’t want any awkwardness in some overly contrived situation – so it might be a few weeks until we actually find the right time to set something up.  Keep your fingers crossed until then though that I’m not a complete disaster when we do meet.  I know I have to start somewhere!  I’ll obviously keep you posted…


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