Nailed it!

12 Jul

My girlfriends and I recently spent hours poolside playing our favorite game: no, not competitive Taboo or cornhole (close though)…instead we were casting a movie about our lives.  What??!  We spend a lot of time together.  And have the stories to prove it!  It started years ago one drunken night after a long day at the beach (playing cards at one of the girls’ apartment, still in our bathing suits, drinking Bud Light cans – classy).  Since then we go back to playing casting director every now and then when the mood calls for it.  Our “casting decisions” change a little bit every time (often depending on how many cocktails we’ve had…) but no matter how often we strategize casting contracts, the “cast” always has one friend who is:

  • The generic brunette: yup, that’s me – Jennifer Garner, Kate Beckinsale…
  • Impossible to cast; but whatever you do, don’t suggest Tara Reid!  Or perhaps you just “Nailed it!” with Anna Paquin.  Is Kristen Bell still being considered?
  • Easy to cast (and obvious) although she’s not quite convinced yet: Amanda Seyfried!
  • Bound to be offended: “You’re a cross between Ellen DeGeneres, Coco from Ice Loves Coco and Justin Bieber.”  Hey, we suggested Kate Winslet after that!
  • Never recast, no matter how many times we do this: Eliza Dushku (although we can never actually remember her last name so we wind up calling her “Eliza Douchebag”).
  • The casting decision that everyone agrees with although she’d rather be Eva over Rosario.  So I call her Eva.  With a beaming smile.
Excitedly telling one of the guys about this latest installment of casting decisions, I’m choosing to ignore his comment: “Well you ladies sure do think highly of yourselves, don’t you??!”  (Do not try to pull the Hollywood sign out from under us dude!)

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