A despicable week

20 Jul

I don’t want to brag but I’ve had a few despicable weeks in my time so I appreciate New York Magazine‘s Approval Matrix.  Here’s are two of this week’s despicable highlights:

Highbrow and despicable: Kate and Will “snub” New York – the center of the universe to those of us who live here – to stay put in LA last week.  Your loss.  If you live in the city though, admit it – you hate when people who don’t belong here take it upon themselves to visit.  Especially people who require ridiculous amounts of security.  I’ve lived close to the UN for several of Obama’s visits.  I understand.

Lowbrow and despicable: Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Roy Williams is threatening to sue his former girlfriend and 2009 Miss Texas, Brooke Daniels, for the $75,000 engagement ring he mailed to her this past February with a prerecorded wedding proposal.  I did plenty of research on broken engagement etiquette last summer so I can say with confidence that since she said “no”, she should give the ring back.  But suing is still distasteful.  We all know you don’t need the $75k Roy.


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