Hallmark is out of wedding cards

25 Jul

Yesterday was the first day that same-sex marriages took place in New York, meaning many people whose marriage would not have been recognized by the state just 24 hours ago can now refer to July 24th as their (legally recognized) wedding anniversary.  By the numbers, 659 marriage licenses were issued in New York City yesterday and 484 couples, gay and straight, were married at City Hall.  Couples waited outside the Manhattan marriage bureau in 91 degree temperatures for marriage licenses.  Manhattan was unfortunately also one of four cities hosting rallies against gay marriage; the other three being Buffalo (boo, I’m disappointed), Rochester and Albany.  Later today, 50 couples are expected to be married overlooking Niagara Falls in the state’s first same-sex group wedding; 100 couples are expected at Bethpage State Park on Long Island tomorrow.

As someone who has recently had to rethink what marriage and love mean for me personally, I’m ecstatic to live in one of the six pioneering states to recognize and accept what one woman, who wed under the new legislation, put into words: “We’ve always known our love is legitimate and now the rest of the world knows.”


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