“I’m gonna mawwy you!!”

28 Jul

No matter the magnitude of your breakup (I’m personally putting mine pretty high on the Richter Scale), there is one question that you’re bound to be asked; and that question will, at one point or another, make you want to lash out emotionally, mentally and probably physically at the person posing it:

“There really weren’t any warning signs?  You didn’t have a sense that something wasn’t right…?”

Oh yeeeeah, I totally saw it coming.  But I figured I’d just wait and see what happens.  (Any other stupid questions…?)

What’s worse is when the question comes months and months after the breakup.  After you’ve had what, at times, feels like an eternity to pour every waking thought and emotion into trying to figure it out.  And no, you still don’t have an answer.  You eventually come to accept it, because quite frankly you have no choice, but that question always feels like a bit of unnecessary salt in the wound.

What can I say?  Not all doomed relationships are quite as clear as this young gentleman makes it:


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