Who needs a man? Part 2

30 Jul

I had two choices: (1) knock down my bedroom wall and have it rebuilt to comply with new building regulations, or (2) move.  After a bit of deliberation, I decided against moving.  So I got to work.  I secured a recommendation for contractors from my building manager (no flirting required); I met with the contractors to confirm where the new wall would go (flirting required, I hope the cable guy isn’t too jealous…); I measured the doorway and ordered a door from Home Depot (thanks dad for all those afternoons wandering around home repair stores); I borrowed an electric drill from a friend’s boyfriend (she did the flirting for me…); and finally, I called in reinforcement in the form of my brother to install the door (and all it took was a few beers and a turkey sandwich!)

Okay, so maybe I do need a man.  Several of them actually.  But not that kind of man.


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