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Pictures from my weekend home!!

30 Aug

Despite my flight out of JFK being cancelled Thursday (I jumped on the first available flight Friday morning) and our flight back to the city being cancelled yesterday (damn you, Irene!), my weekend home was PERFECT!


I took this view for granted daily when I lived in Buffalo; it is a stretch of NY Rt 5 that I drove along constantly when I lived at home.  I started appreciating how beautiful it is during one of my visits home a few years ago.

After having lunch with my mom at her office downtown (Hi Kristin W!!), my brother and I decided to grab a beer.  At a townie bar with good wings, obviously.  As we both checked in on foursquare, my brother announced “I’m one day away from becoming mayor of Meadowbrook!”

My first night home we met family friends at Connors Hot Dog Stand for dinner.  I doused my hot dog in ketchup and submerged my fries in vinegar.  My brother was clearly not impressed with either as he sucked down a Loganberry.  At this point I had been home for 8 hours and had already consumed more calories than I do in most three day periods…

My mom’s couch!  I claim it as my bed every time I go home.  Despite how busy our long weekends home are, I usually spend more time than I care to admit on this couch.  Between the couch, my mom’s new pillows and a cozy, old afghan, I almost didn’t leave.

By Saturday, we knew we would have to drive back to the city…so I obviously went shopping!  No one likes to see a car trunk and backseat go to waste.  While my brother was at his 10-year high school reunion, my mom and I shopped cheap suburban style: Premiere Wines Warehouse, Target and Wal-mart.  You know it.

Lunch Saturday?  Wegmans sub.  Enough said.  I quickly tweeted “I love my family and all but wandering around Wegmans REALLY makes me miss home!”

A New Yorker’s dream come true (if only for a weekend): laundry that you don’t have to pay for!!  I even actually put clothes in the washer myself.  Once.  Either my mom is awesome or the clothes dried themselves…

At a family party on Sunday, I got to catch up with my cousins.  The adults (yikes, that’s us!) got roped into a game of duck, duck, goose with the kids.  Beer included.  A rematch has already been scheduled for our trip home this Christmas.  We also got to celebrate my dad’s 55th birthday with him (a few days early!)  Yes, there were 55 candles on his cake…

Road-tripping it back with my bro on Monday!  Given that we were driving because of cancelled flights due to a hurricane, it seems somewhat ironic that the seven-hour drive was absolutely gorgeous.  Sun shining, windows down, music blaring.  Sure, the car didn’t have automatic locks or windows but at the last minute we had to take what the car rental office had available.  Bonus: we only got one speeding ticket!

I only have three regrets from this past weekend: I didn’t get to the beach; I didn’t get to see my best friend’s parents; and the weekend just wasn’t long enough…but it never is!


Overheard at the Avis rental counter

29 Aug

Our flight back to the city this morning was cancelled, and because we were facing a several day wait to get back to New York, my brother and I decided to rent a car and road trip it.  It was 6:45 am, neither of us had had coffee yet and the man in front of us would not stop asking the woman behind the counter question after question.  “Sir, a GPS tutorial does not come with the rental car” I tweeted in an attempt to keep myself distracted from the overwhelming urge I felt to strangle him.  I thought my brother was going to lose it when he asked for map.  You. Have. A. GPS.

I only had one pearl of wisdom for my brother: “Never tolerate a man who can barely see over a counter.”

Let alone almost marry one.

I’m outta here!

25 Aug

I am SO excited to be Buffalo-bound after work tonight!  My brother is already there, having flown in earlier today; so for only the second time in years, we’ll both be home for a long weekend with our family.  As is usual par for the course, we have every second of the weekend crammed with plans but I couldn’t be looking more forward to it.

I love you New York but I’m just not going to miss you this weekend!!


23 Aug

I’m no stranger to aftershocks but this wasn’t that type of aftershock…

When the magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit 316 miles away in Mineral, VA, a place I’ve never even heard of before, the aftershocks that followed in New York made my heart skip a beat for just a second as my desk chair swayed back and forth.  It took my colleagues and I a brief minute to reason with ourselves that we were, in fact, safe.  Compliments of Twitter.  That’s right, no one thought to look out the window, call building security or check the news online.  Instead, within 15 seconds we learned that there had been an earthquake in Virginia and what we had just experienced was simply an aftershock of that occurance.  Not that it would stop any of us from claiming that we had just survived the “great ‘quake of 2011”.  As the entire west coast rolled it’s eyes at us, the “laughter-shocks” began…

source: The Earthquake Ranked High on the “Andy Richter Scale’ With “Strong Laughter-Shocks”

source: Above All Else, Eastern Quake Rattles Nerves

Total princess

22 Aug

Although I’m no longer one for all things wedding, I couldn’t help but squeal with excitement when I saw a post on The Frisky about what the color of a bridesmaid dress says about the bride.

In case you were slightly confused by yesterday’s post / amateur fairy tale, one of this summer’s blushing brides is lovingly referred to as “Princess” by our crew.  It’s a nickname dear to our hearts, and a story years in the making, but when I saw what her choice of teal apparently says about her as a bride, I had to laugh…and immediately share it with Princess!

So what do teal dresses say about Princess as a bride?  It’s just too perfect: Everyone knows I’m a total princess.

Oh boy do we know it, Princess!

(PS: Her dresses were a thousand times better than this picture!)

The Princess Bride

21 Aug

Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Brooklyn, there lived a beautiful princess and her betrothed, the future prince.  A big wedding celebration was planned in their honor and excitement grew across the kingdom as the villagers prepared for their travels to the hamlet of West Park outside the magical land of Poughkeepsie.

While everyone in the kingdom was excited about the festivities, there was one person who was not happy for the princess.  This was the evil queen of liberty whose features were so hard and uncaring, she was almost statue-like.  The evil queen had always scared the princess and now she threatened to interfere with the princess’s perfect day because the evil queen was – literally! – green with envy.

When the time finally arrived, three maidens started their journey but the evil queen hid the only road that would take them to the princess’s wedding, the Taconic Parkway.  They were lost late into the night and afraid they would never make it but with the aid of the ale house keeper, from whom they purchased additional goods for their journey, they finally arrived.

After a feast fit for royalty at the future prince’s house, the assembled guests traveled back to the inn to continue the celebration.  The barkeep entertained with beverages made of malted barley and crushed grapes at the inn’s tavern until it was finally time for everyone to retire for the night.  “We shall return tomorrow night good man!” they promised the barkeep as they bid him goodnight.  The following morn, almost a dozen guests disguised as jesters decided they would sneak into the swimming hole at a neighboring inn.  Although the evil queen stood guard behind the inn’s counter, they outsmarted her and were able to enjoy an afternoon in the sun as excitement mounted for the princess’s wedding!

Now although the evil queen of liberty had been threatening the princess with rain during the fortnight leading up to her wedding, she would be defeated once again as the sun came out to shine over the princess’s guests and her ceremony.  As the princess walked down the aisle to her prince, everyone couldn’t help but exclaim “Look how beautiful our Princess looks!”  Tears filled a certain maiden’s eyes as the prince’s brother serenaded him and his bride with the most beautiful ballad the kingdom had ever heard.  Soon though the ceremony was coming to a close; the princess kissed her prince charming and the villagers cheered.

The prince and princess’s family and friends ventured from the hilltop to the banquet (and cocktails!) that awaited them below.  It soon became obvious that the princess and prince had scoured the kingdom for the best minstrels in the land, and their music played long into the evening while villagers paraded around the dance floor to the delight of those watching – and the dismay of the evil queen.  The evening would end too soon, but this was ultimately just the beginning for the princess and her prince.

Early the next morning, the couple bid the kingdom villagers farewell and as all fairytales promise…

They lived happily ever after.

(Congratulations to our happy couple!  The weekend was perfect and I could see you both in every last detail…especially on the dance floor “Prince Charming”!  It was an incredible honor to share this magical day with you!)


19 Aug

There is pretty much nothing that I miss about living on the Upper East Side and that especially goes for what was once a daily commute to and from work.  Now living midtown, I rarely have to jump on the subway or bus to get anywhere; I walk everywhere I need to go.  I’ve noticed that without the necessary evil of public transportation though, I just don’t read as much as I used to.  The daily commute is where New Yorkers disappear into their kindles, magazines and newspapers.  And that commute, like so many other things, is no longer part of my daily life.  [Online masters degrees are an option for those of you who also love to read.]

Any three month period would feel hectic after last year’s laissez-faire summer, where no one dared tell me what to do (other than eat – thanks, sistah) or to get busy.  I spent a lot of time reading, compliments of too much free time, an inability to sleep and the need to keep myself distracted at all time.  And while I don’t wish those reasons or that period back in my life, I do miss disappearing into a book for hours on end.  While the luxury of time may be a thing of the past, I just downloaded six books on my kindle that I’m determined to read in the upcoming weeks.  And yes, I know it is insane that I haven’t read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet…but I’m working on it!

1.  One Day by David Nicholls

2. Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close


3. Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World’s Stolen Treasures by Robert Wittman 

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson

5. The Sixes by Kate White

6. Loaded: Become a Millionaire Overnight and Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks, or Your Money Back by Willie Geist