For sale

13 Aug

Trashy gossip magazines are always laying around my office so I can usually be relied on to have a stack of them in my bag when the girls and I travel or get together for a girls’ day.  I was flipping through Life & Style on the beach last weekend when I turned to page 36 and cringed: Kristin Cavallari’s wedding dress photo shoot…weeks after she and Jay Cutler called off their wedding.  The two-page spread would make just about any girl who has experienced a post-broken engagement punch to the stomach wince.  I realized in that moment that I’m not quite there yet; I’m still in a constant state of hope that someday something like this won’t immediately bring my own experience to mind.

I almost immediately thought of my own yet-to-be-dealt-with wedding dress.  It has been fifteen months since my engagement fizzled and my parents forked over more money than I care to admit for it, and that dress is still hanging in my brother’s closet in Brooklyn.  It’s one of those things, much like my engagement ring, that I haven’t held onto for some silly sentimental reason; I simply have not felt the need to deal with it.  And that was fine a year ago, or even a few months ago, but it is definitely time for something to be done with this dress.  Clarification: it is time for ME to do something with this dress.  My friends and parents dealt with every detail that came with cancelling the wedding – notifying guests, canceling reservations, managing bridal registries, purchasing my dress, telling my ex-fiancé to back off.  In the months following my broken engagement, I simply was not emotionally strong enough to do these things on my own.  But now, similar to settling things with my engagement ring, it is time to step up to the plate and take control.  Unlike the ring, there is very, very little emotion involved this time.  It’s just a dress.  And although I still find it breathtakingly beautiful, the idea of giving it to someone else no longer stings.

In the interest of proving myself more and more past what happened fifteen months ago, I pulled together what I needed and started to google places to hawk this breathtaking dress (a la Recycled Bride).  I can proudly report that the dress that once meant so much to me is officially up for grabs to the highest bidder.

(I have to share that my brother played around with a few selling options months ago and I just had to laugh at his thoughtful wording: “Change of wedding location required change of dress style.”  Sensitive and creative, albeit untrue!)


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