23 Aug

I’m no stranger to aftershocks but this wasn’t that type of aftershock…

When the magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit 316 miles away in Mineral, VA, a place I’ve never even heard of before, the aftershocks that followed in New York made my heart skip a beat for just a second as my desk chair swayed back and forth.  It took my colleagues and I a brief minute to reason with ourselves that we were, in fact, safe.  Compliments of Twitter.  That’s right, no one thought to look out the window, call building security or check the news online.  Instead, within 15 seconds we learned that there had been an earthquake in Virginia and what we had just experienced was simply an aftershock of that occurance.  Not that it would stop any of us from claiming that we had just survived the “great ‘quake of 2011”.  As the entire west coast rolled it’s eyes at us, the “laughter-shocks” began…

source: The Earthquake Ranked High on the “Andy Richter Scale’ With “Strong Laughter-Shocks”

source: Above All Else, Eastern Quake Rattles Nerves


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