Pictures from my weekend home!!

30 Aug

Despite my flight out of JFK being cancelled Thursday (I jumped on the first available flight Friday morning) and our flight back to the city being cancelled yesterday (damn you, Irene!), my weekend home was PERFECT!


I took this view for granted daily when I lived in Buffalo; it is a stretch of NY Rt 5 that I drove along constantly when I lived at home.  I started appreciating how beautiful it is during one of my visits home a few years ago.

After having lunch with my mom at her office downtown (Hi Kristin W!!), my brother and I decided to grab a beer.  At a townie bar with good wings, obviously.  As we both checked in on foursquare, my brother announced “I’m one day away from becoming mayor of Meadowbrook!”

My first night home we met family friends at Connors Hot Dog Stand for dinner.  I doused my hot dog in ketchup and submerged my fries in vinegar.  My brother was clearly not impressed with either as he sucked down a Loganberry.  At this point I had been home for 8 hours and had already consumed more calories than I do in most three day periods…

My mom’s couch!  I claim it as my bed every time I go home.  Despite how busy our long weekends home are, I usually spend more time than I care to admit on this couch.  Between the couch, my mom’s new pillows and a cozy, old afghan, I almost didn’t leave.

By Saturday, we knew we would have to drive back to the city…so I obviously went shopping!  No one likes to see a car trunk and backseat go to waste.  While my brother was at his 10-year high school reunion, my mom and I shopped cheap suburban style: Premiere Wines Warehouse, Target and Wal-mart.  You know it.

Lunch Saturday?  Wegmans sub.  Enough said.  I quickly tweeted “I love my family and all but wandering around Wegmans REALLY makes me miss home!”

A New Yorker’s dream come true (if only for a weekend): laundry that you don’t have to pay for!!  I even actually put clothes in the washer myself.  Once.  Either my mom is awesome or the clothes dried themselves…

At a family party on Sunday, I got to catch up with my cousins.  The adults (yikes, that’s us!) got roped into a game of duck, duck, goose with the kids.  Beer included.  A rematch has already been scheduled for our trip home this Christmas.  We also got to celebrate my dad’s 55th birthday with him (a few days early!)  Yes, there were 55 candles on his cake…

Road-tripping it back with my bro on Monday!  Given that we were driving because of cancelled flights due to a hurricane, it seems somewhat ironic that the seven-hour drive was absolutely gorgeous.  Sun shining, windows down, music blaring.  Sure, the car didn’t have automatic locks or windows but at the last minute we had to take what the car rental office had available.  Bonus: we only got one speeding ticket!

I only have three regrets from this past weekend: I didn’t get to the beach; I didn’t get to see my best friend’s parents; and the weekend just wasn’t long enough…but it never is!


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