Warning: not suitable for children

15 Sep

They are a nightmare to just about every 8-year-old out there, including myself at that age.  I would wager that the majority of adults don’t really like them either.  My friends have mentioned that my new, relatively neurotic obsession with Brussels sprouts is not normal but I just keep eating them.  [Those of you who also enjoy cooking brussels sprouts my be interested to know about online cooking schools that could help you hone your craft.]

In an effort to boost the reputation of Brussels sprouts (and to show my friends that I’m not crazy), here are five recipes that will hopefully make you think about giving sprouts a chance.

1. Technically not a recipe, I just baked sprouts with sea salt, pepper and garlic; here with panko-crusted tilapia (benchmarks are important!)

2. Bacon (or if you’re me, turkey bacon), parmesan Brussels sprouts:

3. Roasted Brussels sprouts and mushrooms with soft-boiled egg:

4. Brussels sprouts and red onion pasta:

5. Brussels sprouts with turkey bacon (recipe called for bacon), shallots and figs:


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