What October brings

2 Oct

Fall Foods

Pumpkin spice lattes; apple pie; pumpkin ravioli, homemade cranberry sauce; roasted butternut squash soup; pumpkin bread; warm apple cider; cranberry stuffing; butternut squash gnocchi…fun new recipes to try with ingredients purchased at local farmer’s markets (yes, we have those in Manhattan!)


After six seasons of memorable villains – Ice Truck Killer Brian Moser, Lila Tourney, The Skinner Jorge King, Assistant District Attorney Michael Prado, Trinity Killer Arthur Mitchell and Jordan Chase – I cannot imagine what’s next.  The new season of Dexter finally premieres tonight!

Shopping at Target

Michelle Obama showed her recession-friendly attitude last week at a Target in Alexandria, VA.  Taking our cue from Mrs. O, the girls and I are zip-car’ing it to the Bronx this month for a Target shopping spree.  Our unprecedented excitement level for this little excursion proves just one thing: we need to get out of the city more.

Chunky sweaters

The unpleasant humidity of the last few weeks is finally gone and the runways at Fashion Week apparently love the cooler weather: chunky, cozy sweaters are back!  Don’t put away the summery skirts and dresses though ladies – apparently just throw your sweaters over them.  Your wardrobe just doubled!

To Do Lists

I think it was probably in pulling together our EOY  timeline at work that I realized the end of the year – and the holidays – are practically here.  So. Much. To. Do.  Need personal assistant.  Now hiring.  In my imagination.


Once again demonstrating my obsession with deal-of-the-day sites, my brother and I purchased motorcycle riding classes at the Ferrari Driving School in Astoria.  Talk about getting out of my comfort zone.  Literally: motorcycles AND Queens.


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