Icy karma

22 Oct

I can’t tell you how many times in the last 16 months I’ve been told “What goes around, comes around” or “Karma’s a bitch”.  Innumerable.  Too many to count.  Endless.  Well I officially believe it now.

No, my ex was not just left at the altar.  Nor did his potential new girlfriend just break his heart (I technically don’t know or care if she actually exists).  The source of this confirmed karma, then?  Ice cubes.  Yes, ice cubes.

When I would come home in college and grad school, I was notorious (to my mother) for never refilling the ice cube trays.  That’s right; the crime of all crimes – I would put ice cube trays back in the freezer with one or fewer ice cubes in them.  I can’t explain.  I don’t have an excuse.  I just did not like refilling the ice cube trays with water.  So, there just never were ice cubes in my mother’s house.  As long as I was home.

Well go figure then (karma!) that I landed myself a roommate who never makes ice.  Beyond never.  What’s longer than never?  That’s how often she makes ice cubes.  There are about eight trays in our freezer and I would confidently estimate that at any given time, six of them do not have ice cubes in them.  I can’t say, even as I’m rolling my eyes, that it ever upsets me though.  I always laugh or smile to myself and think of my mother – and her exasperated response every time she went into the freezer for ice after me.  In the very, very least, I can admit I deserve this.  (There are few bad things in my life that I will admit to actually deserving but this is one of them!  Karma, right?!)

PS: This is my 300th post!!  I wish I could hide it better but I am so proud of myself!  Who would have guessed way back when that I would still be banging away at my laptop?  Thanks to everyone who has read, supported or been featured (repeatedly!) as the subject(s) of my posts.  Here’s to the next 300…and that much more of my very own Unwedded Bliss!


2 Responses to “Icy karma”

  1. Mandy October 24, 2011 at 1:40 pm #

    No ice in the freezer is such a pet peeve of mine! Arggh… I get mad just thinking about it!

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