What November brings

1 Nov

Starbucks holiday cups

Just like holiday decorations at home stores and Keepsake Ornaments at Hallmark, the red holiday cups at Starbucks have arrived much too early this year.  I’m not ready yet!  I’m going to hold off on my ’tis the season’ing until the windows on Fifth Avenue and skating rink at Rockefeller Center tell me otherwise.

Ryan Gosling…and puppies

One of the girls emailed a link to this new blog on one of those days at the office; I really needed something like this on that particular day!  So what do you think, Is Ryan Gosling Cuter than a Puppy?  I still haven’t figure out if the question is rhetorical or not…

Adele on the cover of Cosmo

It’s probably been a decade since I took sex advice from a magazine like Cosmo, and just as long since I actually purchased one , but waiting in line at Duane Reade ,  I noticed one of my stereotypical favorites on the December cover.  As I dropped my NyQuil and tissues on the counter, I quickly snuck a copy in with my purchases.

Food drives

It’s been several weeks since I’ve been able to find a free Saturday morning to volunteer at a food pantry or soup kitchen so I was thrilled to see that my office building has partnered with the Food Bank For NYC to host a building-wide food drive.  My strategy is to leave several canned goods on my desk for the next few weeks as a friendly reminder to my colleagues to participate.  You can find a food drive near you at Feeding America.

Lazy Saturday mornings in bed

If there is one thing that terrible winter weather affords, it’s excusable, guilt-free laziness on Saturday mornings.  Cold, snowy weather practically double-dog-dares you to keep the blinds pulled, burrow deeper under the blankets and  indolently watch TV.  Sure, eventually you’ll get up to brew coffee but you know you’re heading right back to bed with that cup of Joe.

Annual Buffalo Bills away game

Last year’s experience in Green Bay  is going to be tough to beat but we’re going to give it a try in two weeks.  In Dallas!!  As the wife beaters we’ll be wearing promise “We Mess With Texas”.  Pictures and stories will follow for sure but for now, just get your head in the game.  GO BILLS!!  (In the meantime, here’s a blog written by four Buffaloians now living in NYC that I’ve been following – enjoy!)


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