We tailgate at 7:16 am

15 Nov

Following our trip to Dallas this past weekend, I am currently trying to figure out the following:

1.  Is it better to maintain realistic expectations (read: low), starting the season 0-8, a la the 2010 season, or to get our hopes up, starting this season 3-0 and taking us 5-2 following the bye (beating even New England!) only to find ourselves now at 5-4?

2.  Does the experience of seeing the team play and of visiting a new stadium outweigh the comfort of distance, safely tucked away at McFaddens during a shit show game like we just saw?

3.  Have I been in New York too long or are people in the south just the nicest people you’ve ever met?

After years of traveling for an annual away game, and having yet to see Buffalo win one of these games, I shouldn’t be shocked that the Bills lost.  Again.  But 44-7?  I’m usually smarter than this.  But I really thought we would win in Dallas!

So there’s a game full of “highlights” that I don’t care to relive, including David Nelson spoiling our one measly touchdown by giving his Dallas cheerleader girlfriend the ball he caught in the end zone.  Aren’t there rules about fraternizing with the enemy?  Some may call it a romantic gesture but I see if for what it really is: treasonous mutiny.  That and she just looked incredibly uncomfortable; it was awkward.  For everyone.

The best I can do at this point is relish in what turned out to be the best part of the day: the tailgate.  Given that we are uually in cities where we don’t know many people (if anyone) and we’re without wheels, a successful tailgate has pretty much become an art form for us:

  • Pour the first mimosa at 6:15 am as the alarm goes off and the first one of us jumps in the shower.  When we don’t know someone with a car, we resort to bribing the cab driver to swing by a liquor store en route to the hotel from the airport.  A case of something classy like Andres will usually hold us over to kick off game day.
  • Ensure your game day wardrobe includes a wifebeater that demonstrates not only your team loyalty but your witty sense of humor while simultaneously complimenting your fashionable, custom-made zubaz skirt.  Yeah, you heard that right.
  • No one likes a moocher so in the very least, swing by a gas station for beer.  This gets done Saturday night as a lot of places don’t sell beer that early on a Sunday.  Hopefully your hotel room has a small fridge but if not, kick it college-style and fill the bathtub with ice.  Bud Light is a crowd pleaser with this crew but no one wants to drink it warm.
  • On the subject of mooching, either overdue it at the hotel’s continental breakfast, bring something that doesn’t require the use of a grill, or buddy up with Hall of Fame fans who insist you partake in their chicken wing feast.  As one of the girls will tell you, never turn down sausage.  In fact, she’s never met a sausage she doesn’t like.
  • Find your friends!  A lot of people that we’ve met at various games throughout the last several years have become friends and spending time with them both before and after the game is always a highlight.
  • Be prepared.  Meaning make sure your Buffalo Bills purse has all the Buffalo Bills paraphernalia you might need – Bills scarves, hats and headbands; red, white and blue Bills beads and luaus; various Bills pins, bracelets, earrings; Bills koozies; Bills puppet and troll.  You know, the usual.
  • Finally, have fun with it but be relatively thoughtful in the trash you talk.  Remember, you’re a Bills fan.  It kills me to say it but with my track record at these away games, chances are we’re going to lose.

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