What December brings

1 Dec


Let’s cut to the chase…the holiday season means presents!  My family still throws wrapping paper around on Christmas morning – just like when we were kids.  I think you’re officially an adult when you enjoy giving gifts as much as receiving them though.

UnFROGettable colors

Thanksgiving brought The Muppets to theaters and now Opi introduces a Muppets-inspired line of nail polish colors.  (And they’re all on trend with this winter’s darker nail colors!)  One of the girls already has Warm & Fozzie on her toes – which would have been my first choice too!

Going red

I’ve convinced myself that I’m ready to trade in my blond highlights this winter for cherry or dark red accents.  Of course, actually going through with it once I’m settled into that chair at the salon is an entirely different thing…

Holiday parties

Once the second week of December hits, it seems as though something is going on every night of the week.  It’s the social storm of overindulgence before a January/February hibernation of sorts hits.  You just can never celebrate the holidays with enough champagne!


My office closes on Friday, December 23rd and reopens on Tuesday, January 3rd.  Count them.  Ten days.  I know.  Enough said.

Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills

It wouldn’t be a “What this month brings” post without mention of attending an upcoming Bills game!  It would be great if we could win just one of the three games I go to this year.  And this is game #3.


2 Responses to “What December brings”

  1. Kristin December 3, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    Guess how I rang in the first of December? Attending my union christmas party which my ex and his girlfriend were also at.. I was so nervous about going and thought of skipping it..boy was I glad I went. I completely ignored him. I drank, ate, and danced my heart out. The best part of the night: his coworker asking for my number. Mind you this coworker had been to our house and knew exactly who i was, lol. Another favorite, one of his coworkers who did not know who I was flirted with me and then was surprised when I told him who I was. Oh and last but not least, his girlfriend is UGLY and his coworkers all think so too!!


  1. What January brings « Unwedded Bliss - January 8, 2012

    […] and gone, it just seems off not to be wearing gloves on my walk to and from the office each day (not that I’ve been to the office in two weeks…)  Well it just so happens that I returned from Buffalo with three new pairs of fingerless […]

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