Hunting season

7 Dec

I have an acquaintance turned friend who I met through professional networking events last year and, the more we talked, we realized how much we have in common.  We both moved to the city for graduate school, finished the same graduate program, both work in the PR industry…and are both 30, single and living in midtown Manhattan.  One way, I’ve learned, that we’re entirely different is that she is absolutely fearless when it comes to dating. and JDate; friends set her up; she makes eye contact and smiles at whoever catches her fancy – everything I don’t do.  (I think in the very least we can all agree that I don’t try quite as hard as a 30-year-old single gal in the city probably should…)  Sometimes it works to my friend’s advantage and sometimes it doesn’t – but at least she tries!

When she asked me a few weeks back if I wanted to head to a holiday party with her this past Monday night, I didn’t have a single reason to say no – and honestly figured maybe I could learn a thing or two.  So for one of the first times in my single life, I went out with the purposeful mission of “man hunting”.

The event turned out to be an NYC Ivy League alumni mixer.  I’ve been to these mixers before (albeit with a different focus); there’s a 50/50 shot you’ll meet someone normal.  You’re either going to chat it up with Charles Worthington III who comes from old money; a socially awkward dude with three PhD’s; or someone in between the two (hey, some stereotypes are true!).  Pick your poison, order a drink and hope for the later of the three.  Slim pickings last night (or at least that’s what my friend said…) but we did the mingling thing, smiled…flirted mostly with the bartender.  In the interest of calling a dud party for what it was, we finished our second drink and headed for the door with enough time to walk home and catch up a bit more.  Until next time!


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