8 Dec

Two weeks from tomorrow my office officially closes for TEN days!  Never one to have to drag myself to work or to count down the hours until the weekend, this is tough to admit but I have some sort of senioritis for professionals going on.  There are hundreds of things that need done at the office before we close for the year on the afternoon of 12/23, and I don’t have a single thing done for the holidays, but I can’t help myself – I’m ready for my adult version of winter break!

In the interest of getting ready for the break, I stayed just a bit late at the office tonight to get caught up on a few things (given that I had stepped out earlier for a 3 hour holiday luncheon – I never do that! – at Park Avenue Winter, which was fabulous).  I treated myself to a quick mani on the walk home, trying a new color – Essie’s Bangle Jangle – which I ended up loving.

Post-mani, I’m supposed to be making a list of holiday to do’s, including gifts to purchase, but instead I’m going through my Google Reader (I don’t know where to start with this list so I’m procrastinating in every way possible…)  So instead, through a series of random clicks, I somehow ended up on this Jezebel post from August, Barbie and Ken’s Dream Wedding Album.  My seven-year-old self is squealing with excitement!  Seriously, even I have to admit this is adorable (and you know how I feel about “dream” weddings…)  

I guess there’s always tomorrow to work on that list…

original source: French photographer Beatrice de Guigne


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