What January brings

1 Jan

New Year’s Resolutions

I am slightly obsessed with resolutions this year and  have been asking everyone what theirs is.  I have two.  First, I am  really going to learn Mandarin (I mean it this time!).  Second, I am going to take the 24 flights of stairs down from my apartment  to the building lobby each morning (the wait for an elevator before 9:00 am incites actual anger in me and this is a terrible way to start my mornings).  What’s your resolution??

Winter Comfort Foods

Stews and soups; winter vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes and eggplant;  creamy pasta dishes; casseroles and bakes …you know, recipes that scream for a skim milk, reduced-fat cheese or fat-free sour cream/greek yogurt substitute.  I already have my first recipe selected from TasteSpotting: Potato, Cheese and Ale Soup.  Results to follow!

End of Buffalo’s season

I know better than to do this however I had myself convinced at the beginning of the season that the Bills would make the playoffs.  Convinced.  But in what is the story of your life if you’re a football fan from Buffalo, the Bills finished the season a disappointing 6-10.  I refuse to say “there’s always next year”.  Because I’ve said it for over a decade.  I went my entire 20’s without seeing the Bills make the playoffs; no shot I survive my 30’s under such dire circumstances.

iPhone 4S

I don’t know exactly when using my blackberry  in public made me feel a though I was the proud owner of a Zack Morris cell phone circa 1992 but it happened.  Six plus weeks overdue to order my new phone,  I now have my hot little hands on the new iPhone 4S.  And actually know how to use it.  Kind of.

Fingerless gloves

It has yet to really be cold enough for gloves, hats or scarves but given that Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone, it just seems off not to be wearing gloves on my walk to and from the office each day (not that I’ve been to the office in two weeks…)  Well it just so happens that I returned from Buffalo with three new pairs of fingerless gloves.


With the end of 2011 also comes the end of the statement “I almost got married last year”, whether to someone else or to myself.  The distance is such that every milestone has passed and for the first full year, I won’t have to get through the anniversary of this or the anniversary of that.  These once painful memories have come and long gone; and in part due to this, I couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead.

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