“Like, in a car?”

8 Jan

Meeting up with the crew for football yesterday, a few of the  girls asked – between plays, of course – “So how was the date last night?”…

Because my last date was a logistical nightmare, my main priority going in was fundamentals.  And not having food stuck in my teeth.  Either way, for this particular post, let’s just focus on those basic details from Friday night.  And don’t read too much into the lack of sugary, impassioned detail; C’est la vie!

Anyone who lives somewhere in which owning a car is not only common, let alone a necessity, is probably going to find this crazy but for the very first time in my adult life, I was picked up for a date in an actual car.  Before you re-read that, consider that I have lived in Manhattan since the age of 22.  So other than my high school and college boyfriends, I’ve never actually gone on a date that involves being picked up in what I confirmed as “like, in a car?” when we made plans last week.  Yes, like in a car Kate.

Following sheer annoyance after my last date resulted in an 11th hour, unexplained restaurant change (as in, I thought we were walking to The Smith but ended up at Aquamarine…) – indicating a clear lack of reservations – I was pleasantly relieved Friday night to hear, as the hostess looked up, “Reservation for 9:30 pm”.  

My mother will not be pleased to hear this but we went to a great sushi restaurant in Union Square (“Why can’t you eat something cooked, Kate?”) with killer lychee martinis, followed by a few glasses of wine elsewhere.  Despite my mom’s inevitable objection to the consumption of raw fish, I nonetheless managed to enjoy myself…

Fortunately last night did not end with the realization that the man I was having dinner with lives in my building.  (I don’t even think I shared this little tidbit from the last date I went on…thankfully I live in a building with 550 apartments so I have yet to run into him.  This set up clearly does not work well for the whole if-I-don’t-call-back-he’ll-get-the-idea approach to dating.  Well, he’ll still get the idea but it’ll be extra awkward when I run into him in the mail room.  I’m on high avoidance alert for the time being.  And yes, aware that maybe I do need to get out of midtown every now and then…)

And finally, I of course let two of the girls know who I’d be with Friday night and what the plan was.  You  know, just in case I met my untimely demise under mysterious circumstances.  Like on Criminal Minds.  Or Law & Order: SVU.  Or maybe I watch too much TV…?

Now, all-out tangent, but amongst this and our many discussions yesterday, I did have the opportunity to drool over watch Aaron Rodgers’ second State of Imitation commercial.  Repeatedly.  The obsession continues.

While I’m (kind of) on the subject of dating (this post took an unfocused shift at some point…or as one of my friends would say, a “sharp right!”), I wanted to quickly give one of my guy friends a shout-out.  We were having drinks before New Year’s when the topic of relationships and dating came up.  Recently single himself, he is of the opinion that I’ll surely find Mr. Right based on two simple facts:

1. I like sports and don’t necessarily find anything wrong with leaving SportsCenter on when you hook up.

2. I can boil an egg…which apparently indicates a certain lack of naivety and reasonable amount of common sense.

Let’s face it- I need all the encouragement I can get.  So I ordered another Shock Top and made a mental note to boil a few eggs when I got home.  Just for good measure.

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