A boyfriend vs. pills

11 Jan

I was sporting an old man cough earlier this week (very sexy), and enjoying NyQuil induced comas by night, when I finally accepted that I could not let whatever this is get any worse.  So on my way to work yesterday I swung by Duane Reade where I waited patiently – sweating despite the fact that I was absolutely freezing – for the pharmacist to hand over a box of Mucinex DM, which friends swear by.  As the pharmacist inspected my license with a UV black light, furiously entered my personal info into her computer and told me to fork over $30, I contemplated whether the tiny box just outside my reach actually contain cold medicine or something more.  Like meth.

Anyway, despite their annoying commercials featuring those irritating phlegm creatures, it did the trick.  Which is partially why I could actually laugh when I saw this picture in my reader today.  You guess the other reason…oh how situations change.

source: Happy Place


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