The early bird catches the attractive men…in the stairwell

19 Jan

I say that I am traditionally of the belief that if I am going to get stuck late at work, it’s going to happen regardless of what time I arrive.  So rarely do I drag myself out of bed much before 7:45 am, heading out the door by 8:45 am and arriving at the office by 9:05 am.  If I’m completely honest though, I just say this to make myself feel better…because the truth is that I am an utter failure when it comes to being a morning person.  I’ve tried for years to be the type of person who jumps out of bed, energized to start my morning but I just cannot move past my addiction to the snooze button.  I regularly lie there thinking about how I should get up and get to work early but instead I nap between 9 minute snooze button-induced alarms.  This situation takes a dire turn for the worst during the dark, cold winter months when coaxing myself out of bed becomes a useless endeavor.

Amidst a very busy week at work this week, I found myself literally dreaming about the office last night.  I kept waking up throughout the night, half asleep but ticking through the “to do” list for today.  So, needless to say, when my alarm went off at 6:40 am, I couldn’t have gone back to sleep if I wanted to.  (Sure, probably not the healthiest way to develop this ideal habit of mine but it worked nonetheless today!)  Anyway, by 7:30 am I found myself pushing open the door to stairwell W on the 24th floor ready to head out.  And then it happened.

I officially found the attractive men in my apartment building.

They take the stairs at 7:30 am.  Floor 11.  Floor 8.  Floor 5.  Floor 2.  Hello gentleman.

Now it has yet to be seen whether this is actually enough to get me out of bed early tomorrow…or Monday…or Tuesday; however this little tidbit certainly can’t hurt the cause, right?


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