Little “luxuries”…plural

23 Jan

I was busted by a colleague earlier today for saying “Having your laundry done and takeout delivered are two small luxuries that I find essential.”

She responded, “Wait a minute!  Last week it was your mani/pedis, massages and Brazilian waxes!”

Okay, so technically my list of little “indulgences” is a bit longer than originally reported…but it’s not as though I’m cruising through the Caribbean every three months.

I did treat myself to a mani/massage on the way home from work tonight though.

It seemed essential.

Oh, and remember when I used to pick my pedi color based on the name of the polish?  I’m back to that silliness…

Current theme: Things I need in life.

Current mani color: French Affair.

One Response to “Little “luxuries”…plural”


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    […] was right.  And way to keep up the current theme of “Things I need in life” (following French Affair and Island Hopping) sister!  With that in mind, I present OPI’s “Dating a Royal” […]

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