Maiden voyage

28 Jan

My mom gave me this gift last month for Christmas…but it came with a disclaimer.  As in, she outlined in writing (in my Christmas card) that my Zoku’s “maiden voyage” was to be alcohol free.  Of course she didn’t say “alcohol free” but instead, (and my girlfriends will appreciate this…) made a reference to “my type of iced tea, not yours!”

So with this consideration in mind, my Zoku Quick Pop Maker produced these puppies earlier today, made with Tropicana’s Trop50 orange juice and pomegranate blueberry juice (meaning each popsicle only has about 15 cals!)…

And I’ll admit it…MOM…they were pretty good even without the “iced tea”.  Next on deck?  Mimosa Pops and and Berry Mojito Pops!  Obviously…


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