31 Jan

Getting to the office a bit early today following an early morning spin class, I spent about 30 minutes going through my Reader.  And post after post, like this one, I read that it’s apparently National Wedding Month.  Not of much interest to me. but do what you will with it.  But what I was interested to see on a number of blogs I follow was this, February photo a day challenge (#febphotoaday).  Using the list as inspiration, the objective is to snap a picture daily and post somewhere you can share with others.  My plan is to post here each Saturday during the month of February.  Should be a fun challenge!

Separately, last night I continued this silliness of picking my mani color based on the name of the polish.  Continuing last week’s theme (“Things I need in life”), I went with Essie’s (To Be) “Island Hopping”.

And following a conversation with one of the girls yesterday, I’d like to start with Seychelles please…


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    […] to keep up the current theme of “Things I need in life” (following French Affair and Island Hopping) sister!  With that in mind, I present OPI’s “Dating a Royal” (although dating […]

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