Yet another ring I don’t have

7 Feb

And by “I”, I mean “the Buffalo Bills“. With the Bills long out of the playoff hunt this season – let alone the actual Super Bowl – it’s probably no surprise that I was rooting for Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers. But from the wildcard round to divisional playoffs to the conference championship games, not a single team I was rooting for advanced, including Green Bay, leaving me in a position where I could only hope that both teams playing in Super Bowl XLVI would lose.

I clearly could not root for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I’m from Buffalo. The AFC East. And I don’t support men wearing UGGs. (However I do support picking off a man who wears UGGs four times…)

Please do not say I should have been rooting for the Giants just because I’m a New Yorker. First of all, the Giants play in New Jersey. Second, really?

Ultimately I guess the game was what I would call interesting but not exciting. Interesting because it could have gone either way at any point but not exciting because aside from a few good catches, no single play stood out as exceptional. Well, except Gisele blaming her UGG-wearing husband’s teammates for the loss. (That being caught on camera made me smile…)

Given that Super Bowl is an event that encompasses more than just the game, I eventually sucked it up and stopped cursing about the fact that the Buffalo Bills haven’t been to the Super Bowl in 18 years (or the playoffs in 13…). Instead, I whipped up a hoagie dip and mac & cheese bites, picked up some beer and headed to a friend’s apartment. And despite my own personal schizophrenic hell that was New York Giants vs. New England Patriots, I had a great time with my friends!

Now other than the game, a former American Idol (of course) sang the National Anthem (as a country, can we please get over American Idol?!) and Madonna wasn’t completely terrible at halftime (LMFAO was my favorite at minute 5:18…minus the weird wheelbarrow-like move that happened about a minute later…)

And while I remember commercials of Super Bowls past being better (or maybe I was just more drunk), here are my top ten picks from what we saw on Sunday:

M&M’s “Just My Shell”

David Beckman Bodywear for H&M

(I mean, I do have a pulse…)

The Dog Strikes Back: Volkswagon

BudLight’s “Here We Go” Rescue Dog

Drew Brees’ Son Kicks for Chase

Chevy’s Mayan Apocolypse

(Who didn’t make it? Hehe…)

“Matthew’s Day Off” – Honda

Mr. Quiggley runs for Sketchers

(aka, Kim Kardashian gets replaced by a French bulldog…)

Samsong’s “Thing Called Love”

Hyundai’s Rocky Theme

And a sentimental, bonus pick:

“Halftime in America” with Clint Eastwood for Chrysler…and Detroit

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